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Hey There

We're the Wasseluks (Wa-sell-ik)-  Steve, Amy, Lucy and Sophie and allllll the animals!

You might get to greet these when you get your tree:

-2 Horses, Bella Donna and Lady Liberty

-2 Mini Donkeys, Connie and Dingle (named after our favorite Irish Towns)

-3 Shropshire Sheep, Mama Margarita, Baby Bailey and Jameson

-6 Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Goats- Honey and her 2 babies, Dottie and Chuckles, and Bumblebee and her 2 babies, Grace and JJ


We also have:

3 dogs: 2 Newfoundlands, Harry and Maggie, and 1 Aussie, Oakley

-30 Chickens- Unnamed but laying delicious eggs for our roadside stand in the summer

...there might be a few cats and a bunny around too!

WE'RE BUSY!  (Mostly Steve!  He's a champ!)

How did this happen?!

Steve and Amy met in High school in Burlington CT and after 22 year together, they've built this dream... and they scoop a lot of poop!  With their kids Lucy and Sophie, the farm, in all its facets, has evolved over the years.  With a whole lot of praying and planning, plans moved ahead to start the Christmas tree Farm in 2019.  When they bought the additional land for this adventure they had this vision.  Being a builder, Steve planned to save all the trees from the land and mill the logs himself with his Woodmeiser Saw Mill in order to build the Post and Beam barn of their dreams.  It's been a labor of LOVE!  While they wait for their baby trees to keep growing, they're happy to source some quality pre-cut trees and open the barn in 2023!

Welcome to our Hallmark Movie!

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